Division I Committees

Division I committees deal with issues that apply only to Division I, perform duties necessary to the ongoing operation of Division I and are comprised only of Division I members, unless otherwise specified. The appointment process for Division I committees is coordinated through multisport conference offices.

When the NCAA underwent a major restructuring in 1997, the one-school, one-vote principle for approving legislation was replaced in Division I with a system based on conference representation. An 18-member Board of Directors made up of chancellors and presidents was established to direct the affairs of Division I.

In 2008, Division I underwent another reorganization in order to increase efficiencies and enhance the level of support from the substructure. The Management Council was replaced with two 31-member councils. The Leadership Council advised the Board on policy issues while the Legislative Council was discussed and adopted rules. The groups were supported by six cabinets responsible for different areas of emphasis.

In 2014, Division I restructured to give more emphasis to student-athlete voice at every level of decision-making. The final model expands the Division I Board of Directors to include not only more presidents, but also a student-athlete, faculty representative, athletics director and female administrator.

A new body known as the Council is responsible for day-to-day operations of the division and include more voices: two seats for student-athletes, two for faculty and four for commissioners.

The new model also grants flexibility to schools in the Atlantic Coast, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Southeastern conferences to change rules for themselves in a list of specific areas within Division I.

Member input was sought throughout the restructuring process, which was led by a steering committee of Division I presidents representing all different subdivisions.