Division I Committees

Division I committees deal with issues that apply only to Division I, perform duties necessary to the ongoing operation of Division I and are comprised only of Division I members, unless otherwise specified. The appointment process for Division I committees is coordinated through multisport conference offices.

When the NCAA underwent a major restructuring in 1997, the one-school, one-vote principle for approving legislation was replaced in Division I with a system based on conference representation. An 18-member Board of Directors made up of chancellors and presidents was established to direct the affairs of Division I.

In 2008, Division I underwent another reorganization in order to increase efficiencies and enhance the level of support from the substructure. The Management Council was replaced with two 31-member councils: 1) Leadership Council and 2) Legislative Council. The Leadership Council serves as the primary advisory group to the Board of Directors on strategic and policy issues. The Legislative Council is the primary legislative body in the Division I governance structure, subject to Board oversight. The Legislative Council is responsible for considering every proposal in the annual legislative cycle with the caveat the Board can examine and act on any proposal it so chooses. The Legislative Council’s actions on legislation will not be considered final until the conclusion of the following Board meeting to ensure the Board has an opportunity for final review and oversight. An override process also was established to ensure membership “checks and balances.”

The committee structure in Division I also includes six cabinets that report to the councils and are responsible for academic affairs; amateurism; awards, benefits, expenses and financial aid; recruiting and athletics personnel issues; championships, and the administrative functions of Division I. All cabinets have 21 members, except the Championships/Sports Management Cabinet, which has 31 members.