Playing for two

Kaneisha Atwater got pregnant at 18, but her dreams didn’t die when her son was born. What she thought was her mistake is now her motivation – she plays basketball so she can go to college so she can give him the childhood she never had. Read More.


Able to stay golden

Teammate. Friend. Collegiate competitor. Before she goes pro, Missy Franklin wants to seize every opportunity. Read More.


A game for Lauren

On Sunday, they all came together – coaches, competitors, teams from around the country, even a legend of her sport – all for a young woman battling brain cancer who just wanted to play basketball. Read More.


A perfect match

Ron Vilardi’s final season of college football will be memorable – a fact that has nothing to do with the sport he plays. Read More.


One kidney donated, two lives saved

Collegiate Water Polo Association Commissioner Dan Sharadin donated a kidney to save his wife – and saved himself, too. Read More.

"I’m not a dream stealer. I’m a realist."

For more than two decades, Greg Goings has huggled his day job as a sports information director with his role as a men’s basketball on-court official at the NCAA. Read More


Inextinguishable zeal

Caleb White is a St. Cloud State student, a college wrestler and a volunteer firefighter. Read More.


Points of impact

The NCAA has unveiled a new initiative designed to call attention to the community service projects taking place throughout the national office. Read More.


Signing of the times

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the National Letter of Intent, the great-granddaughter of the program’s founder signs hers. Read More.


Making calls, breaking barriers

At 87, pioneer among men’s basketball officials still has a hand in the game as conference coordinator. Read More.


One of the boys

Brady Antaya gives as much as he gets from Merrimack soccer, where his teammates know him as a Warrior. Read More.


Vikings invade with help

The Western Washington volleyball team dove in to help teammates whose hometowns were destroyed by fire. Read More.


Driven to heal

Last fall, debilitating seizures sidelined Jerry Kill for a conference matchup, and doctors forbade him from driving or flying to the next one, too. He found his way there anyway. Read More.


A rush of energy

LaDainian Tomlinson owned the day on a north Texas afternoon 15 years ago. Read More.


Whole new ballgame

Alum returns to Colorado State to fill a new athletics role few schools have. Read More.


She has faith in them

Sister Rose Ann Fleming seeks learning solutions – and finds them, even for those who struggle in the classroom. Read More.

“I’ve become a different volleyball player.”

Natalie Leger, a sophomore volleyball player at George Washington, overcame Hodgkins Lymphoma to make her dream of playing Division I volleyball come true. Read More


One giant leap

Kendall Spencer competes in track and field for the University of New Mexico and is in training for the Olympic trials. But for now, he is the face of the Division I student-athlete voice in the NCAA. Read More.


Moved to action

A moving personal story shared by a teammate led Muhlenberg College junior Jason Leitmeyer to intervene in an apparent suicide attempt and possibly save a young girl’s life. Read More.


Sister act

For 12 years, a sister in the Van Dyke family has played second base for Felician. This year, that streak ends when the youngest graduates. Read More.


Q&A: Anthony Maccaglia

Oglethorpe junior Anthony Maccaglia made history this summer as the first Division III golfer to compete in the Palmer Cup. Read More.


Community, championships come together in Division II

This was the first year Division II hosted community engagement events at each of its championship events. Read More.


Long-term commitment

Coach, mentor, friend: Lynn Schweizer has touched many lives through her sweeping involvement at Denison. Read More.


Strength in numbers

Adrian President Jeffrey Docking led the addition of 19 sports teams and several new campus facilities, from a football stadium to an ice rink. Read More.


Louder than ever

To mark the rising volume of the student-athlete voice, Champion magazine invited a chorus of three to share theirs with NCAA President Mark Emmert. Read More.


Grant program aids limited-resource schools

The first recipients of the NCAA Accelerated Academic Success Program used the funding from the pilot program in the 2013-14 academic year to help enhance their academic performance. Read More.

His winning decision

This spring, the Central College (Iowa) softball coach became the first in Division III to win 1,000 games. Read More.



We can’t set the record straight on every myth in college sports. But for a few of the most common assumptions, NCAA researchers hit the books on a fact-finding mission. The team pored over, crunched and analyzed a bevy of surveys, numbers and charts. And now, we share the truth. Read More.


Celebrating our champions

From football to field hockey, Champion coverage of this fall’s biggest winners. Read More.


From there to here: China Jude

China Jude’s résumé has not always pointed toward a high-level career in college athletics administration. Read More.


An unexpected playbook

Jon Gordon’s writing career that was, in part, spawned by experiences at Cornell has taken a surprising turn: His work resonates in training rooms and locker rooms, not simply boardrooms. Read More.


A festival atmosphere

Bring six national championships together in one weekend festival – which took place in Division II for the eighth time in December – and the impactful moments multiply. Read More.


As easy as Divisions I, II, III

Participating in college sports has exposed Krista Chauvin to every level of NCAA athletics. Read More.

"Fly-fishing is just as nerve-racking as playing goalie."

Huh? That is no Mad Lib; it’s Cody Burgdorff’s life. The Augustana College (Illinois) senior tends goal for the school’s lacrosse team and doubles as a world-class fly fisherman. Read More


The power of a ball

A small purchase by Wisconsin women’s ice hockey player Brittany Ammerman led to a big empowering moment for women in two small Kenyan villages. Through fundraising Ammerman helped start the Nikumbuke Women's Soccer League. Read More.


The home of the brave

Fourteen years ago, Julio Luevano embarked on a covert journey across the Mexican border to settle in a humble Indiana town. Now, his days are filled with maintenance work, family, soccer and studying for a degree finally within his reach. Read More.


Living on the sidelines

Training and competing as a student-athlete is hard, but quitting because of a medical condition is hard, too. Read More.


Seeking shelter

When violence and unrest forced a West Chester swimmer’s parents to leave Ukraine, the community stepped in to help. Read More.


Isch steps down, plans to make more time for family

Jim Isch, a man accustomed to challenging meetings and tough questions, hurried into his fourth-floor office during one of his final weeks and prepared for a conversation he would rather not have. Read More.


Student-athletes seek their voice

If approved at the NCAA Convention, two Division II proposals would enhance the student-athlete voice by providing SAAC with new voting privileges. Read More.


DIII student-athletes want to sign, too

High school students heading into Division III want to be recognized in their communities for competing at the college level. Soon, they might be. Read More.


It’s official

When Cat Conti stepped onto the gridiron for a game between Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Kansas, she became the first woman to officiate football for the Big 12. Read More.


Extreme endurance

At 87, “Coach Z” is in his 31st year coaching cross country and track and field at Division III Hunter College. Read More.


A pitch in time

The knuckle curve of Vermont's George Plender might have taken him to the major leagues, but military service intervened. Read More.


Athletes at Northeastern team up to ‘Jock the Vote’

Heather Mottau, a student-athlete who competes in ice hockey at Northeastern University, assembled a campaign to encourage Northeastern students to register to vote. Read More.


An unlikely NFL pipeline

John Carroll University is well-represented in the NFL’s ranks – several coaches, general managers and other executives attended the school in the 1990s. Read More.

“They definitely worried at first...”

Despite being legally blind, long snapper Aaron Golub was offered a preferred walk-on spot at Tulane and expects to compete for the starting job. Read More


Rowing captain

She used to cox the boat for cops. Now she leads the national governing body of her favorite sport. Read More.


Earning the call

Of 838 officials, only 10 are invited to preside over the Final Four. Mike Roberts has never received that coveted phone call. Can he survive the madness and advance to Dallas? Read More.


Going ballistic

From the basement of a red brick building at Washington State, the Sports Science Lab tests sports equipment to ensure a level playing field. Read More.


Back to school

In April, the Enforcement Department launched its Campus Placement Program, designed to improve understanding between campuses and enforcement staff. Maryland was the department’s first visit. Read More.


Battlefield to home field

Veterans returning from war find a new team — and a different kind of camaraderie. Read More.

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Inside the lines

Before he was a student-athlete, Jason Shuler served four years and three tours in the U.S. Navy as a quartermaster third class, working as a search-and-rescue swimmer. Read More.

"My art will make me a better physician."

When Megan Stuart tells people about her two majors at South Dakota State University, she receives a common reaction. Read More


Carrier Dome freezes over

The 49,262-seat Carrier dome had never been the site of a hockey game. That changed Nov. 22 when a pair of Division III schools stepped onto a makeshift rink. Read More.


The reel deal

Bass fishing isn’t typically associated with college athletics, yet it has exploded in recent years. Read More.


Making a connection

The 13-year-old girl was homesick. It was Wednesday evening, only hours after she had arrived at the nonprofit agency set to become her new residence. She was surrounded by dozens of other kids who, like her, had faced abandonment, abuse, neglect, or some other form of trauma in their young lives. Read More.


His goal, reached

When Champion profiled Josh Brooks two years ago, he was the assistant athletics director for internal operations at the University of Georgia, coordinating travel for the Bulldogs football team. He has since become an athletics director. Read More.


Dear committee chair

As Division I transitions into its new governance structure this month, the chairs of the highest-profile groups within the old structure will make way for new leadership on the new Division I Board of Directors, Council and Committee on Academics. With years of experience to draw from, these four leaders offer words of wisdom to the new recruits. Read More.

“It’s just about balancing.”

When Blake Geoffrion’s NHL career was cut short by a skull fracture, he was glad he had earned his college degree. Read More


College football's already rich playoff history

Think the College Football Playoff is something new? Here, the seven most thrilling, surprising, exhilarating games from the first 41 years of college football playoffs. Read More.


A will and a way

He already had a resolve to work, but a life-changing moment gave him a desire to help men like himself. Read More.


The more things change …

Faculty reps' athletics involvement predates the NCAA, but their organization is just 25 years old. Read More.


All in the family

Youngest Lenhardt brother caps a legacy at Johnson & Wales. Read More.


One man inspired net results

Arnie Ball has coached at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne for more than three decades. His successors gathered with him at an alumni game before his final season began. Read More.


Company bottles scent of nostalgia

Inspired by school colors, landmarks, trees and flowers, Masik Collegiate Fragrances captures campus aromas. Read More.



A seizure cost her a season, but Amanda Filippone is quickly making up for lost time. Read More.


Local favorite

Being named executive director of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association offers Danielle Donehew a chance to go home again and make a national impact on the game she loves. Read More.


Speaking from experience

Alan Hauser hopes his words of wisdom help other faculty athletics representatives advocate for student-athletes. Read More.


Fast mover

Nnenna Akotaobi is only five years removed from her playing days, but the Swarthmore University Associate Director of Athletics has already landed a spot on the Division III Management Council. Read More.


A Game and a plan

Courtney Boyd didn’t want to follow her peers into the life of drugs and despair that consumed her hometown. To move on, she would need a new family, a new home, a new name – and the belief that an education could change her life. Read More.


Cellular networking

A Minnesota Duluth football player battling cancer, an alumnus who works in stem cell research, and an unlikely connection. Read More.

“I don’t really talk about it.”

University of Florida sophomore Brooke Sharp, a forward on the women’s soccer team, has a legendary great-grandfather who built his fame in another sport. Read More


UConn wins on court, in classroom

The UConn men’s basketball team went from tournament ineligibility for academic reasons to winning the championship while earning a perfect single-year Academic Progress Rate. Read More.


The right track

After trotting the globe both as a player and a team owner, Mannie Jackson is helping students at his alma mater envision success. Read More.