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Division I Working Group on Transfers

The NCAA Division Council adopted the recommended transfer eligibility resolution (NCAA Proposal No. R-2020-6) during its May 20, 2020, meeting. The resolution states that the Council will work with key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive legislative and policy package regarding transfer eligibility for adoption not later than January 2021 and effective not later than for eligibility to compete during the 2021-22 academic year. The resolution also articulates a framework to achieve a uniform and equitable approach to transfer eligibility, while acknowledging ancillary items that may need adjustment with such changes.

The NCAA Division I Working Group on Transfers is charged to fulfill the parameters of Proposal No. R-2020-6 – Transfer Eligibility Resolution.  The working group will collaborate with the respective governance and sport oversight committees to develop a comprehensive legislative package.
A legislative concept will be recommended to the Council in August 2020 with an opportunity for membership feedback and modification as appropriate prior to November 2020.  The proposal will be voted on by the Council in the January 2021. 

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