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Division I Infractions Appeals Committee

If a Committee on Infractions panel concluded that your school, or an individual at your school violated the NCAA constitution or bylaws and prescribed penalties, the next step may be to decide whether to appeal the decision to the Infractions Appeals Committee. 

An appeal is not a new hearing that provides a second chance to argue the case.  The Infractions Appeals Committee acts based on the record in the case. It will not consider evidence that was not presented to the Committee on Infractions panel, except in limited circumstances.

Committee Mission Statement

Provide a meaningful, reliable and credible appeal opportunity that produces outcomes which have a positive impact on the infractions process and support the NCAA’s commitment to provide a fair and fulfilling competitive environment for student-athletes.


19.4.5 Authority of Committee. The Infractions Appeals Committee shall:

  1. Consider appeals from decisions of a hearing panel of the Committee on Infractions involving Level I or Level II violations;
  2. Affirm, reverse, or vacate and/or remand the panel's findings, conclusions, penalties, corrective actions, requirements, and/or other conditions and obligations of membership prescribed for violations of the NCAA constitution and bylaws; and
  3. Formulate and revise its operating procedures. Committee amendments to the procedures shall be effective immediately and subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. The procedures shall include guidance on the conduct of appeal hearings.


The committee shall be comprised of seven members. At least two members shall be from the general public and shall not be connected with a collegiate institution, conference, or professional or similar sports organization, or represent coaches or athletes in any capacity. The remaining members shall presently or previously be on the staff of an active member institution or member conference, but shall not serve presently on the Board of Directors. There shall be no subdivision restrictions except that all nonpublic members may not be from the same subdivision. The committee shall reflect the Association's commitment to diversity.

Standards of Review:

The Infractions Appeals Committee will reverse the Committee on Infractions’ decisions involving Level I or Level II violations only if the individual or institution can show one or more of the following:

  • A factual finding is clearly contrary to the evidence presented to the Committee on Infractions panel.
  • The facts found by the Committee on Infractions panel do not constitute a violation of the NCAA constitution and bylaws.
  • There was a procedural error, and but for the error, the Committee on Infractions panel would not have made the finding or conclusion.
  • Or, in prescribing a penalty, the Committee on Infractions panel abused its discretion.

Committee Caseload

Infractions Appeals Committee Total Cases by Year


Violations and Penalties: Three-Year Snapshot


Infractions Appeals Committee Timeline

The average Infractions Appeals Committee case takes eight months from the time of appeal until a resolution is reached. These time frames represent legislated benchmarks:

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