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Division I Committee on Infractions

The Division I Committee on Infractions (COI) is an independent administrative body charged with deciding infractions cases involving NCAA member institutions and their employees.  Each committee is comprised of individuals serving as volunteers from NCAA member institutions and conferences and individuals from the general public who have legal training.  As authorized by the bylaws, the COI has authority to address prehearing procedural matters, set and conduct hearings or reviews, find facts, conclude violations of NCAA legislation, prescribe appropriate penalties and monitor institutions on probation to ensure compliance with penalties and terms of probation, as well as conduct follow-up proceedings as may be necessary. The committee is also charged with hearing the appeals of individuals subject to a show-cause order in Level III cases, as well as other duties as authorized by the bylaws.

In accordance with NCAA Bylaw 19.3.1, the COI membership shall include, where reasonably possible: current or former presidents, chancellors, directors of athletics; former coaches; representatives from conference offices; faculty/staff; athletics administrators with compliance experience; and general public members who have formal legal training but who are not associated with a collegiate institution, conference, or professional or similar sports organization and who do not represent coaches or athletes in any way.

The Division I COI is supported by the Office of the Committees on Infractions (OCOI).  The OCOI supports all three divisional Committees on Infractions by providing: administrative support; logistical coordination; research; analysis; training; drafting; strategic planning; and such other duties as assigned from time to time by the chair of the Division I Committee on Infractions. The OCOI consists of Matt Mikrut (Director), Heather McVeigh and Ken Kleppel (Associate Directors); and Evelyn Gross and Cindy McKinney (Assistant Coordinators).