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Division II FAR Resources

Division II is a leader in supporting the role of the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in governance, strategic planning, establishing academic standards, and, most importantly, advocating for student-athletes.

Because faculty athletics representatives are such a vital link in any Division II institution’s strategic communications chain, FARs can help explain in a positive manner the complex relationship between intercollegiate athletics and higher education.

  • FARs are uniquely positioned to articulate the benefits of intercollegiate athletics to faculty, the media and the public. 
  • FARs bring the academic perspective and priorities to the discussion, providing a fresh point of view to reporters and broadcasters who are accustomed to interacting only with athletics administrators and coaches.

As such, FARs help promote Division II’s “Life in the Balance,” as they champion student-athlete academic success and help ensure the quality of the athletics experience.

FARs are encouraged to take advantage of the resources on this page to help improve service to student-athletes and enhance their experience as a leader in Division II.