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Tools to tell the DII story

To accompany the Division II “Make It Yours” brand enhancement, the national office has developed communications tools to help Division II members promote the division to external audiences.

Among them is a series of “tool cards” with messaging to help explain and promote Division II’s unique attributes and characteristics. These cards apply to institutions as well as conferences, and they offer prompts to personalize messaging to fit individual needs. These cards are available on the right rail of this page.

The tool cards accompany an existing series of “Benefits of Division II Membership” brochures that offer quick-hit messaging for Division II members who have asked for material that helps explain the division during recruiting visits and presentations to community groups, alumni groups and potential donors.

A general version, called “What Division II Can Do for You,” is particularly useful for anyone wanting to provide a basic understanding of how Division II operates and what its members value. The brochure is available here. In the box on the right you’ll find a link to a PowerPoint slide deck that is based on the brochure. You can tailor this presentation to accommodate all audiences – from those who know nothing about the NCAA or Division II (e.g., community groups, rotary clubs, potential donors, etc.) to those who know about the NCAA but perhaps not about what makes DII unique (e.g., faculty senates, alumni, administrators who join your institution/conference after having worked within another NCAA division). Keep the slides that meet your specific needs, then add to the end of the deck whatever slides you want to create that are specific to your institution/conference. In other words, use the first part of this presentation to explain Division II and then the second part to “fill in the blanks” for your own institution or conference

Other versions are designed to help specific Division II stakeholders promote Division II to their advantage. These are available to download by clicking on the titles underneath the images at the bottom of this page.

  • Athletics directors and staff
  • Faculty athletics representatives
  • Coaches
  • Presidents and Chancellors

Guide for athletics communications directors

Another important resource helps position athletics communications directors to tell the Division II story as well. Called “Telling the Campus Story Through Athletics,” the guide includes staffing suggestions for athletics communications offices and ways to collaborate with university/college relations staffs to emphasize athletics as a valuable marketing tool for the institution.

The booklet is available here.

Division II Promotional Brochures