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Athletics Health Care Administrator Resource Center

The athletics health care administrator is a designated position, mandated by NCAA Independent Medical Care legislation (Division I Constitution, Division II, Division III The legislation requires each NCAA member school to identify an athletics health care administrator as part of a broader obligation to establish a structure that supports the delivery of independent medical care for college athletes. It is recommended that athletics health care administrators be aware of, share and monitor NCAA health and safety-related legislation, interassociation recommendations and resources.

Athletics Health Care Administrator Handbook

This handbook includes information about the recommended roles for athletics health care administrators as well as NCAA health and safety legislation, interassociation consensus recommendations and educational resources.

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Athletics Health Care Administrator Checklist

This checklist provides step-by-step guidance to assist athletics health care administrators in fulfilling the recommended roles associated with their designation.

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Interassociation Guidance Checklists

These checklists serve as at-a-glance resources to assist athletics health care administrators in monitoring the implementation of interassociation consensus best practices and recommendations.

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Legislation At-a-Glance

This quick reference guide provides athletics health care administrators with information related to NCAA health and safety legislation. Because of the dynamic nature of the NCAA legislative process, the most current information for these and any new legislation should always be obtained through an institution’s athletics department compliance staff.

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