Athletics Health Care Administration

The NCAA Sport Science Institute works with the medical community and member schools to promote best practices in athletics healthcare management and service delivery. Supported by leading medical and sports medicine organizations, the SSI promotes two foundational points that help assure the integrity of student-athlete-centered medical care: 

Member schools should develop an administrative structure that provides independent medical care and affirms the unchallengeable autonomous authority of team physicians and athletic trainers to determine return-to-play decisions related to college athletes; and the designation of a medical services director to oversee the administration and delivery of athletics healthcare in college campuses.

In addition to providing campuses with resources such as the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook that include core elements of athletics healthcare, the SSI has developed inter-association best practices regarding independent medical care which articulate the principles and strategies necessary to facilitate an environment that promotes student-athlete-centered medical care. 

Educational Resources

The NCAA Sport Science Institute is a leader in providing health and safety resources to college athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and campus partners. 

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Best Practices for Campuses

The NCAA Sport Science Institute and leading scientific and sports medicine organizations have developed recommendations for athletics departments and athletics health care providers to use in the delivery of care for college athletes.

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Athletics Health Care Administrator Handbook

This handbook includes information about the recommended roles for athletics health care administrators as well as NCAA health and safety legislation, interassociation consensus recommendations and educational resources.

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