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Legislative actions and issues

The NCAA membership is constantly in the process of proposing, reviewing and sharing comments on new or revised bylaws for the conduct of intercollegiate athletics. This section contains information about legislation that the membership is considering, updates on key issues and new legislation, and links to the key publications that form the agenda for the NCAA's annual Convention.

NCAA manuals

The printed versions of the NCAA Divisions I, II and III Manuals are distributed via mail each year in July.  Each active member institution or conference receives five Manuals which are addressed to the institution's director of athletics or conference commissioner.  The five Manuals should be distributed as deemed appropriate to the necessary individuals on campus or within the conference office.  Additional Manuals may be downloaded or purchased by calling 1-888/388-9748, or through the NCAA Publications website.  The Manuals are updated quarterly in electronic formats.  In addition to an interactive PDF, a version suitable for display on a number of mobile devices may be downloaded.  Click the link in the Legislative Services Database - LSDBi heading below to access the instructions for downloading the electronic publications.  Click here for additional information about the Manuals.

How to Access the Electronic Versions of the Divisions I, II and III Manuals

How to Generate NCAA Manuals in LSDBi

Division I

Division II

Division III