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Initial-Eligibility Steps for International Students

For international student interested in playing at an NCAA Division I or II school, there are three primary steps to follow.

Step One: Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Start by registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center as early as possible to make sure you stay on track to meet the NCAA’s eligibility standards. Eligibility standards include receiving both an academic and amateurism certification. In order to receive your certifications, the Eligibility Center will request certain documents to assist in the review process through your Eligibility Center account.

Step Two: Understand Eligibility Requirements

Like all college-bound student-athletes with a goal to play NCAA Division I or II athletics, international students must meet specific academic and amateurism requirements. For more information on academic and amateurism requirements, please review the following resources:

Step Three: Submit Required Documentation

International college-bound student-athletes must submit the following academic documents:

  • Your academic records for years nine and up, in your native language (and line-by-line translated to English, if English is not the native language). Click here for more information on international academic records and requirements.
  • Proof of graduation, including certificates, diplomas or final leaving exams. Click here for more information on submitting transcripts and documentation.
  • SAT or ACT scores, sent directly from the testing agencies using code 9999. Click here for more information on SAT and ACT test and test scores.
  • More information on your country’s acceptable forms of documentation can be found in the NCAA Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility.

Failure to include any of these items may delay review of your records. In certain situations, the NCAA Eligibility Center may ask for additional academic documentation to clarify that your academic information is complete, valid and accurate. Check your Eligibility Center frequently for tasks and additional information.

Please note: Processing for your account does not start until the NCAA Eligibility Center receives a request from an NCAA member school for your eligibility status. Be sure to provide your NCAA identification number (located within your Eligibility Center account) to each of the coaches recruiting you.