Mental Health Social Media Campaign

In partnership with the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the Sport Science Institute

May 3-6, 2021 | #dontsleeponstigmas

Welcome to the campaign website for the 2nd annual Mental Health Social Media Campaign! This campaign serves as a platform for student-athletes, administrators, coaches, staff, and support networks across the country to start the discussion, speak out on, and don’t sleep on the stigma surrounding mental health. Our goal with this campaign is to use social media to create a dialogue and communicate the benefits of normalizing mental health.

Below, you will find information on how your campus and conference can engage with this campaign to ensure its success throughout our division.  We ask you to feature personal definitions of don’t sleep on the stigma of mental health from a diverse group of student-athletes, coaches and campus and conference administrators.  We hope this campaign will highlight that #DontSleepOnStigmas can mean different things to people, each definition is valid.

Engagement Levels

Tweeting/Creating Posts on Social Media: Post initial announcements about the campaign.  Remember: it starts with you! What does it mean to not sleep on stigmas to you personally? Share your thoughts and be sure to use the hashtag #DontSleepOnStigmas.

Share Quotes/Testimonials/Videos Related to Mental Health: Student-athletes, athletics administrators, athletics departments and conference offices will be encouraged to share their testimonial and/or make a video sharing their story of support. Each person should share as much as they are comfortable.

Create Team/Institution/Conference Public Service Announcements: Teams, institutions and conferences will be encouraged to participate by either showing how their staff breaks the stigma or supplying resources for student-athletes.

Tell us about it!

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Planning for the Campaign

It is suggested that everyone planning to partake in this campaign prepare before the May 3-6, 2021, campaign dates.

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Engagement Ideas

Unsure where to start? Click here for general tips for engagement during the campaign week.

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Check out this page for materials and resources related to the mental health and wellness of college athletes.

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After the Campaign

The Mental Health Social Media Campaign is a week of awareness, education and engagement to show the importance of #DontSleepOnStigmas surrounding mental health.  However, it should not end there! The following are some ideas that you can implement during the week’s campaign or other times throughout the academic year to show your support.

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