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Nutrition, Sleep and Performance Educational Resources

The NCAA Sport Science Institute is a leader in providing health and safety resources to college athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and campus partners. Together with leading medical organizations, behavioral health centers and content matter experts, the SSI provides educational resources for member schools to promote and support the health and well-being of student-athletes.

Located on this page are links to materials and resources related to the disordered eating, heat and hydration, and nutrition of college athletes. 

Disordered Eating

Adequate nutrition and energy intake is important to the physical and emotional well-being, as well as the sports performance, of college athletes.

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Heat and Hydration

Adequate hydration before, during and after physical activity is critical to the safe and healthy participation of student-athletes in college sports.

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Athletic performance and recovery for college athletes is enhanced by attention to nutrient intake.

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Sleep and Wellness

Sleep is an important determinant of collegiate athlete health, well-being and performance.

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