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Mental Health Educational Resources

The NCAA Sport Science Institute is a leader in providing health and safety resources to college athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and campus partners. Together with leading medical organizations, behavioral health centers and content matter experts, the SSI provides educational resources for member schools to promote and support the health and well-being of student-athletes. 

Located on this page are materials and resources related to the mental health and wellness of college athletes. 

Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Wellness

Interactive educational modules for student-athletes, coaches, and faculty athletics representatives that help promote mental wellness and resiliency and encourage and destigmatize help-seeking for mental health concerns.

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Mental Health Best Practices

A resource of best practice guidance for athletics administrators and campus partners to support and promote the mental health of college athletes, developed and endorsed by the most prominent medical and mental health organizations in the nation. It includes downloadable resources such as checklists, emergency action planning guidance and screening tools.

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Mind, Body and Sport

A collection of chapters from experts in the field combined with first-person stories designed to help student-athletes, athletics administrators and campus partners understand and support student-athlete mental wellness.

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Managing Student-Athlete Mental Health Issues

A handbook for coaches and athletics administrators with information to quickly and effectively support college athletes who are at risk of mental health concerns or are experiencing emotional symptoms.

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Helping Support Student-Athlete Mental Health: A Primer for Campus Stakeholders Outside of Athletics

A resource for student affairs and student health services staff who work outside of athletics to understand the unique risk factors experienced by college athletes and educational approaches for working with athletics staff and student-athletes.

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A Strategic Primer on College Student Mental Health

This report is focused on the mental health issues of all college students and is designed to raise the awareness of campus staff members in support of student mental health and well-being.

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Sports Medicine Handbook

This downloadable handbook provides guidance for directors of athletics, athletic trainers and team physicians to promote a safe environment for college athletes and to assist in the development of sports medicine policies and practices that support student-athlete health and safety.

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