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Concussion Safety Protocol Management

This page includes information about the NCAA Concussion Safety Protocol Review Process.

The 2019 Concussion Safety Protocol Review Process will be open March 13 through May 1. Protocols must be submitted via the NCAA Program Hub.

The Concussion Safety Protocol Review Process was initiated in January 2015, when the five Division I conferences with autonomy around student-athlete well-being matters passed concussion safety protocol legislation that built upon previous NCAA concussion legislation. The legislation stated that each Autonomy school must submit a concussion safety protocol to the Concussion Safety Protocol Committee – also created by the legislation – for review, and the protocol must be consistent with the Interassociation Consensus: Diagnosis and Management of Sport-Related Concussion Best Practices. This legislation also allows for all Division I non-autonomy institutions to adopt the legislation and submit their institution’s protocol for review. Below are the 65 Autonomy protocols that have been approved for the 2017-18 academic year.

In the Resources box, institutions can find concussion-related resources associated to the creation and upkeep of concussion management plans. Included for 2019 is the Concussion Safety Protocol Checklist, which serves as guidance for the concussion protocols of autonomy and non-autonomy Division I member schools, as well as Divisions II and III member schools. Additionally, a frequently asked questions document has been created to assist institutions with the review process.