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Division II Membership Committee

Robert Dranoff, Committee Chair

Purpose: The Membership Committee reviews and considers issues pertaining to the Division II membership requirements and membership compliance issues. The committee establishes policies and procedures for prospective member institutions and conferences to achieve active membership status in Division II, and has the authority to approve or deny a prospective member’s request for membership.

The committee also handles NCAA Convention tasks related to Division II business, which include examining the credentials of Division II delegates, determining the authority of any Division II delegate to vote or otherwise represent a member institution at an annual or special Convention and counting the votes at an annual or special Convention.  

In addition, the committee has the authority to conduct an audit of an institution’s fulfillment of membership requirements if the institution is placed on probation for failure to fulfill more than one membership requirement during a 10-year period. The committee also reviews issues regarding membership requirements (such as sports sponsorship and financial aid) that are discovered during the enforcement process, and imposes, when necessary, penalties for noncompliance.

The committee meets three times annually (February, July and November) and conducts at least three scheduled teleconferences in April, September and December.

Composition: Eleven members, including two members of the Division II Management Council.

Membership Committee Roster