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Division II Legislation Committee

Committee Chair, Scott Larson

Purpose: This committee’s primary charge is to determine interpretations of all Division II-specific legislation and incorporate new legislation and interpretations in the NCAA Manual.

The Legislation Committee also reviews and considers legislative issues of those portions of the Association’s constitution and bylaws that relate to the principles governing financial aid and amateurism, professional sports relations, recruiting, personnel limitations, and playing and practice seasons.

In addition, the committee consults with other Division II committees to review deregulation issues, and it reviews and considers issues regarding rules education and compliance resources.

Finally, the committee reviews and determines the facts related to the certification of a prospective student-athlete’s amateur status on request of an institution. An institution may make such a request if it disagrees with the determination of facts rendered by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Composition: Twelve members, including two members of the Division II Management Council and one member of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Legislation Committee Roster


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