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Division II Infractions Appeals Committee

Eddie Weatherington, Committee Chair

Purpose: The Infractions Appeals Committee per Bylaw 19.2 meets as needed to hear and act on an institution’s or involved individuals’ appeal of the conclusions and penalties of major violations levied by the Committee on Infractions. The appeals committee also establishes or amends enforcement policies and procedures set forth in Bylaws 32.10 and 32.11 that relate directly to the infractions appeals process, subject to review and approval by Management Council, to which the appeals committee reports.

Composition: Five members, one from the Division II Management Council (that person’s term coincides with his or her term on the Management Council); one public member (three-year term; may be reappointed but cannot exceed nine years on the committee); and three additional individuals selected at large from the membership (three-year term; may be reappointed but cannot exceed nine years on the committee).

The committee includes members who not only have experience with administering a Division II athletics programs but also members who have experience with or understanding of administrative hearing processes and procedures.