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Division II Committee on Infractions

Julie Rochester, Committee on Infractions Chair

Purpose: The Committee on Infractions is the division’s primary steward of the enforcement process. The committee meets as needed to participate in hearings involving member institutions that have been alleged to have violated NCAA legislation. At these hearings, the committee determines facts related to alleged violations and, if necessary, imposes appropriate penalties or show-cause requirements on a member found to be involved in a major violation (or, upon appeal) on a member found to be involved in secondary violations).

The number of institutions appearing at each hearing depends upon the length of each case and the amount of other business that the committee has to conduct. An institution’s appearance before the committee may last all or a portion of one or more days, depending upon the complexity of the case.

The committee also is charged with revising, when necessary, Bylaw 19 (Enforcement) and 32 (Enforcement Procedures), which establish operating policies and procedures, including investigative guidelines. The committee also carries out any other duties directly related to administering the Association’s enforcement program.

Composition: Seven members, six who shall be presently or previously on the staff of an active member institution or member conference of the Association. One of those five members must be a member of the Division II Presidents Council and does not actively participate in hearing or deliberations. The remaining member must be from the general public and shall not be associated with a collegiate institution, conference, or professional or similar sports organization, or represent coaches or athletes in any capacity. These are four-year terms; however, members are eligible for immediate reelection but may not serve for more than two terms. Four NCAA staff members (director, assistant director, assistant coordinator and administrative assistant) help the committee draft reports, letters, and arrange committee travel and meeting planning.

Committee on Infractions Roster

Committee on Infractions Hearing Procedures

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