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Division II Championships Committee

Steve Card, Committee Chair

Purpose: The Championships Committee is the primary oversight group responsible for administering policies and procedures surrounding the division’s 25 championships. The committee oversees the budget and conduct of these championships, as well as the qualification and selection procedures for each. All Division II sport committees report directly to the Championships Committee. The committee also:

  • Oversees applicable playing regulations in the areas of player safety, financial impact and image of the sport and approve appeals for exceptions to the applicable playing regulation when significant financial impact a may occur;
  • Acts for the Division II Presidents Council and Management Council as the final authority regarding championship matters in Division II that are subject to appeal;
  • Is responsible for issues involving college all-star football and basketball contests;
  • Selects sports committee representatives, subject to ratification by the Management Council; and
  • Administers the Division II Enhancement Fund.

Composition: Twelve members, including one member of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and two members of the Division II Management Council. The vice chair of the Management Council shall serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member.

Championships Committee Roster


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