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Stronger accountability, penalties

Updated Aug. 8, 2018

To deter future violations, presidents, coaches and staff have stronger, clearer accountability expectations and face increased penalties if they break the rules. Changes include:

Stronger president and chancellor accountability

University presidents and chancellors will be personally accountable for their athletics program following the rules. Presidents and chancellors join all athletics staff members in affirming the athletics program meets obligations for monitoring rules compliance, which is required to be eligible for the postseason. Also, schools are required to cooperate fully during NCAA investigations and take appropriate corrective action. 

This rule change is effective in all three divisions Aug. 1, 2019.

Those who break the rules face stronger penalties, including longer postseason bans (up to five years), longer head coach suspensions (could extend beyond one season), longer employment limitations for coaches and staff who violate rules (potential for lifetime show-cause orders), increased recruiting restrictions and the loss of all revenue associated with the Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

These stronger penalties are effective immediately.