Over the last decade, concussions have dominated the sports injury discussion, regardless of sport. At every level of all contact sports, coaches, players, administrators and parents are educating themselves about head injuries and exploring new ways to identify how concussions affect the brain. The NCAA is at the forefront of that exploration and has teamed up with the Department of Defense to pool resources and analyze tens of thousands of participants to help bring new information to the public. In this video series, scientists and military professionals, as well as players and coaches from across the country, explain how the NCAA is supporting the study of head injuries and how that information will power the future of protection, diagnosis and treatment.

The NCAA and DOD are partnering to study concussions. What are the questions they’re trying to answer? And how will that partnership impact protection for athletes, cadets and the world at large?

In 2014, 30 NCAA schools and military academies came together to study head trauma. What makes this study groundbreaking?

Traumatic brain injuries are a serious issue in the military. How can studying college athletes and cadets be mutually beneficial for both groups?

As findings from the joint NCAA/DOD study get closer to public release, what kind of conclusions can be anticipated? And what does the future of protection look like?

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The Science of Safety: A Look at the Future of Concussion