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Student-athlete committees issue joint statement on name, image, likeness legislation delay

The Division I, II and III Student-Athlete Advisory Committees and the Board of Governors Student-Athlete Engagement Committee issued a joint statement for their peers regarding the pause in the process of voting on name, image and likeness legislation.

Due to recent judicial, political and governmental enforcement events, all three divisions tabled or withdrew votes on changes to how student-athletes can use their name, image and likeness.

Leaders from each division’s SAAC, as well as the Student-Athlete Engagement Committee, collaborated to voice their disappointment in the delay along with their understanding for its need. They released their statement this afternoon. It is available below. 

Statement on name, image and likeness legislation for student-athletes:

"On behalf of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committees of Divisions I, II, III, and the Board of Governors Student-Athlete Engagement Committee, we would like to express our disappointment in the need to delay the 2021 NCAA Convention vote on Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). Although we recognize the United States Department of Justice’s concerns about our NIL proposals, we are confident that the recommendations developed within each division align with NCAA student-athletes’ best interests. The work to be done with NIL is far from over, as this is only a pause in the process. There also is a need to further the federal, state, and local understanding of the intricacies of each divisional structure within the NCAA. We are committed to ensuring any legislation changes are in the best interest of every student-athlete in each division and dedicated to seeing this passed as soon as possible. We encourage you, our fellow student-athletes, to use this time to continue to work with your SAAC representatives, and within your campuses and communities to serve as advocates for the modernization of college athletics."