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NCAA files U.S. Supreme Court brief

"Today, we asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm that the NCAA has ample latitude to govern college sports. As outlined in our brief, the lower court ruling distorts federal antitrust law and, in the process, wrongly redefines amateurism and undermines the NCAA's supervision of college athletics. The ruling also encourages judicial micromanagement and invites never-ending litigation as the NCAA seeks to improve the college athletic experience. In short, the lower court ruling greatly blurs the line between college and professional sports.

The NCAA and its member schools are committed to defending the rules that govern college sports – the same rules that create an environment where hundreds of thousands of student-athletes can receive the life-long benefits of a college education and compete at the highest levels of their sport. We look forward to continuing to make our case before the Court." 

– Donald Remy, Chief Legal Officer, NCAA