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Goal-mouth arc recommended in men’s lacrosse

Offensive players would be prohibited from landing in the newly defined field marking

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee has recommended adding an arc within the goal-crease area to clearly define the “goal mouth.”

The new arc will extend 6 feet from the center of the goal line to the goal lines extended. Members of the committee, which met last week in Indianapolis, think this adjustment will address concerns raised by head coaches and officials in this year’s men’s lacrosse rules survey.

All rules changes must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to discuss all men’s rules proposals via conference call Sept. 11.

If approved, offensive players would be prohibited from jumping or diving then subsequently landing in the newly defined goal mouth. In addition, the committee recommends the penalty for initiating contact with the goalkeeper within the goal mouth will result in a no goal and a one-minute penalty. Landing in the goal mouth without contacting the goalkeeper will result in no goal and a loss of possession. 

This proposal seeks to amend and clarify the goal-crease prohibitions rule implemented before the 2019 season. When a player leaves his feet under his own volition in a direction away from the goal mouth and the ball enters the goal before he touches the crease, the goal counts. Additionally, a player who makes a dive in a direction toward the goal mouth receives a one-minute penalty.