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Division II to resume normal recruiting calendars Sept. 1

Administrative Committee clarifies season-of-competition waiver

The Division II Administrative Committee on Friday decided the division’s quiet recruiting period will end Aug. 31. Division II sports will resume their normal recruiting calendars Sept. 1.

The Administrative Committee, which met virtually, stated that resuming a normal recruiting calendar could assist Division II with enrollment management.

The committee also clarified the application of a season-of-competition waiver that was approved July 22 for student-athletes who compete in 50% or less of the sport’s Bylaw 17 maximum contests/dates of competition for the 2020-21 academic year. The 50% threshold, the committee decided, will include scrimmages and other discretionary exemptions as part of the regular season maximum contest/dates of competition to maintain consistency with how season-of-competition waivers are normally processed. 

Additionally, the committee clarified that the waiver will not apply for student-athletes in individual sports in instances where they compete in more than 50% of the sport’s maximum contests/dates of competition even if their team does not exceed that threshold. Such a scenario could occur in a sport like cross country, in which a date of competition is recorded for a team only when five or more runners compete in a race. 

The Administrative Committee also discussed the NCAA Board of Governors directives regarding student-athlete well-being. Last week, the NCAA Board of Governors required each division to adjust rules to support student-athletes whose seasons were impacted by COVID-19, similar to decisions that were made for spring sport student-athletes. The original deadline was Aug. 14, but membership feedback prompted the executive committee of the Board of Governors to extend that deadline until Aug. 21 to allow for additional conversations and input from stakeholders, including student-athletes. 

In Division II, the Management Council and Presidents Council will meet Aug. 20 and Aug. 21, respectively, to take action to comply with the Board of Governors directives. The Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will provide feedback before the Management Council and Presidents Council meetings. 

The Division II Administrative Committee will meet next Aug. 19. View the full list of actions taken through Friday by the Administrative Committee here.