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DII council tables strength and conditioning certification proposal

New working group to collaborate with NCAA’s health and safety organizations to craft new recommendation

The Division II Management Council voted during its July 21-22 meeting in Indianapolis to table a proposal that would require national certification for any person designated by a member school as a strength and conditioning coach.

While action on the proposal is suspended, council members will form a working group to study the issue with the Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport and the Sport Science Institute with the intent of crafting a new recommendation that they believe better serves Division II.

Despite the Management Council’s action on the issue, the Presidents Council could still review the current proposal next month and choose to sponsor it for the 2015 Convention.

Confusion surrounding the wording of the proposed legislation and its potential consequences contributed to the council’s decision to table the vote.

“Although we understand the magnitude of this issue, making poor legislation isn’t in the best interest of our membership, either,” said Karen Stromme, the Management Council chair and associate athletics director and senior woman administrator at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

In June, the Division II Legislation Committee recommended the proposed legislation as a first step toward recommendations made by CSMAS. In 2012, CSMAS advised all three divisions to establish a rule requiring national certification for anyone designing, conducting or monitoring strength and conditioning workouts. The Division II Presidents Council referred the proposal back to CSMAS last summer with the rationale that the language was too broad.

The Legislation Committee later followed up with new language that would only require certification for schools that designate a strength and conditioning coach, rather than requiring it for anyone who oversees or conducts such workouts. About half of the members on Management Council said their schools had designated coaches for strength and conditioning.

The cost of certification is estimated to run between $400 and $600, with a small annual fee for continuing education.

Unlimited Meals and Snacks

The council recommended that the Presidents Council sponsor legislation for the 2015 Convention permitting members to provide unlimited meals and snacks for student-athletes in conjunction with their athletics participation. The proposal mirrors legislation that was passed in Division I in the spring. Presidents Council will next consider whether to sponsor the proposal for the Convention.

Publicity Around Signing Events:

A recommended proposal to deregulate the way schools can publicize signings of student-athletes also moved forward with support from the council. Currently, schools are not permitted to host a press conference, reception, dinner or other similar event to celebrate or announce prospective student-athletes who have signed a written commitment. Council members agreed the opportunity for celebration and exposure would benefit the division.

New Member Schools

Finally, the council supported the Membership Committee’s decisions regarding new member schools. Eight schools were approved for active status, bringing the total number of Division II schools to 300. Read the full recap from the Membership Committee here.