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Concussion and college sports

The NCAA continues its commitment to research that will make student-athletes safer

Mind Matters Challenge winners

An update on Mind Matters Educational Challenge participants as the research reaches its evaluation stage. Read more.

CARE Consortium map

Concussion testing is underway at 21 campuses, including all four U.S. service academies. View map.

Concussion resources
Concussion timeline

A history of NCAA decisions intended to help protect college athletes from serious injuries, including those that can cause a concussion. Read more.

The NCAA and concussion research

NCAA chief medical officer Brian Hainline discusses our prioritization of sport concussion research.

Concussion guideline summary

These concussion diagnosis and management recommendations were developed and endorsed by 11 leading medical organizations and will continue to evolve to reflect ongoing study findings.  Read more.

A gray matter

Researchers funded by the NCAA and U.S. Department of Defense teamed up in the largest concussion study in history. Read more.

Concussions explained

UCLA researchers have pieced together what occurs inside neurons in the aftermath of a concussion.

Member protocols

All 65 members of the autonomy conferences have NCAA-approved concussion and return-to-play protocols. Read more.