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High school counselors will need to submit transcripts for student-athletes registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Please note that by agreeing to the NCAA Eligibility Center's Terms and Conditions when a student completes their registration, all students have agreed to the release of official transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

The easiest way to send official transcripts is by uploading them directly through the High School Portal. Direct uploads are quick, free and provide almost immediate access to a student-athlete’s transcripts. Learn more about directly uploading transcripts here. The NCAA Eligibility Center also accepts official electronic transcripts from a list of approved providers. Click here for more details on transcript submission, including how to check the status of a transcript submission.

If a student has attended more than one high school, or taken courses from more than one program, the NCAA Eligibility Center needs an official transcript from each high school or program. Grades from one high school or program transcribed on another high school's transcript will not be accepted. If your school is part of a district with a common transcript, you do not need to submit multiple transcripts for a student who has attended multiple schools in your district.

In addition to direct upload, transcripts may be submitted electronically through the following providers:

  • Credentials / eScrip-Safe
  • Parchment (aka Docufide)
  • XAP
  • National Transcript Center
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • USMO ET (Speede)
  • Scribbles Software
  • Naviance (management tool for schools that utilize Parchment as the backend for delivering e-Transcripts)
  • State of Georgia comes in DIRECT
  • Cialfo

If your school does not use one of these service providers, domestic high schools may upload electronic transcripts through the High School Portal. Uploaded documents are immediately associated with the students’ Eligibility Center account.

Domestic high school may also email official records to Please allow two days for processing from the day of receipt.

Transcripts may also be mailed to the following address; please allow four days for processing from the day of receipt. (Uploading a PDF via the High School Portal is considered best practice; however, password-protected PDFs cannot be accepted.)

NCAA Eligibility Center
Certification Processing
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7136

Overnight mail may be sent to:

NCAA Eligibility Center
1802 Alonzo Watford Sr. Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Eligibility Center does not accept faxed transcripts. Click here for information on submitting documents for international students.