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Student-Athlete Repayment Plan

Q. What if a student-athlete misses a payment?

A. If a student-athlete misses a payment, the student-athlete is not current with his or her repayment plan and is ineligible until he or she becomes current with the terms of the established repayment plan.  If a student-athlete competes while not current with an approved repayment plan, the institution is in violation of NCAA rules and must report that violation to the student-athlete reinstatement staff and NCAA secondary enforcement staff.  The student-athlete’s eligibility must be reinstated prior to competing.

Q. What does it mean to default on a repayment plan?

A. Default occurs on a repayment plan if, at the conclusion of the plan, all payments have not been received by institution and forwarded to student-athlete reinstatement staff.  Defaulting on a repayment plan will result in the student-athlete reinstatement staff not entering into repayment plans with that institution for a period of four years.

Q. Our institution would like to have one of our student-athlete’s enter into a repayment plan. What are some things that we need to know or that need to be included in our repayment plan?

A. Some of the things you should know or include are:

  • A repayment plan is a good faith agreement between the institution and the student-athlete.
  • The institution is responsible for monitoring all payments associated with the terms of an approved repayment plan.
  • Payment may be spread throughout the duration of a student-athlete’s eligibility, but must be completed prior to the student-athlete’s last regular season date of competition or contest.
  • Repayment may be made in as many or as few installments as the institution or student-athlete chooses.
  • The institution should provide a repayment schedule describing the dates each payment will be made and the amount of each payment.
  • The repayment plan should include language addressing eligibility consequences if a student-athlete is not current with his or her repayment schedule.
  • The repayment plan should include language acknowledging that if a student-athlete defaults on his or her repayment plan, the institution will be prohibited from entering into a repayment with any student-athlete for a period of four years.
  • The repayment plan must be signed and dated by both the student-athlete and an institutional representative. 
  • Verification of all payments should be kept on file at the institution.
  • Once the final payment has been made by the student-athlete, the institution should forward all documentation of repayment to the student-athlete reinstatement staff.  Once the student-athlete reinstatement staff verifies the completion of the repayment plan, a letter will be sent to the institution confirming the agreed upon plan has been satisfied.