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NCAA Division II Institutional Performance Program: One-In-Four-Year Inclusion Review Questions and Answers

NCAA Division II Institutional Performance Program Commitment to Inclusion.

Membership in the Association places the responsibility on each institution to establish and maintain an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among its student-athletes and intercollegiate athletics department staff.  In accordance with this responsibility, NCAA Division II member institutions shall:

  1. Conduct and promote athletics programs free from gender discrimination and in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and NCAA legislation regarding gender equity.
  2. Develop and administer nondiscriminatory governance policies, educational programs, activities and employment policies and procedures.  It is the responsibility of each member institution to determine its own policies and procedures regarding nondiscrimination and to ensure that they comply with federal and state law protections.
  3. Create diverse and inclusive environments, promote an atmosphere of respect for and sensitivity to the dignity of every person, and include diverse perspectives in the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.
  4. Develop inclusive practices that foster positive learning and competitive environments for student-athletes, as well as professional development opportunities for athletics administrators, coaches and staff from diverse backgrounds.


As a best practice, each institution should conduct a qualitative inclusion review once every four years to fully assess its athletics department's performance regarding equitable treatment of student-athletes by gender, race and/or ethnicity.  The one-in-four-year inclusion review is meant to provide guidance related to a high-level review of inclusion-related efforts on campus, and is not designed to replace any requirements of federal law. The one-in-four-year inclusion review will provide institutional leaders with qualitative data to assess the institution's and athletics department's environment for student-athletes, coaches and staff. 

The following questions and answers will assist institutional leaders with guidance on how to conduct the qualitative components of an inclusion review to better assist in the evaluation and oversight of their intercollegiate athletics program.


What is the relationship between this review and the institution's responsibility to comply with federal law?

Answer:  All NCAA member institutions are expected to comply with federal and state laws.  This review is not a substitute for institutional efforts in fulfilling federal and state laws to which they are subject.

What if the institution already conducts an inclusion review (e.g., hires an outside consultant to conduct a Title IX review, conducts an institutional climate survey)?  Does the institution need to conduct the additional inclusion review?

Answer: No.  The purpose of the one-in-four-year inclusion review is to ensure that institutions are assessing equitable treatment of student-athletes by gender, race and/or ethnicity, not to prescribe the exact method of the review.

 If an institution choses to conduct the one-in-four-year inclusion review, who should administer it?

Answer: The review should be conducted by a person or entity outside of the institution's athletics department. 

If an institution choses to have campus personnel outside of the athletics department conduct the inclusion review, who on campus should be involved in the analysis and review of inclusion data?

Answer: It is recommended that individuals with responsibilities associated with gender equity and diversity matters, including but not limited to, the institution's Title IX officer, equal employment opportunity officer (EEO) and the chief diversity officer be involved.           

How might an institution set up a process to analyze the environment of inclusiveness in its athletic department?

Answer: An institution may choose to create an inclusion committee on campus responsible for analyzing and reviewing inclusion data. 

If an institution choses to create an inclusion committee to review gender and diversity matters on campus, who should be involved in such a committee?

Answer: An institution may wish to include the following:

  1. Chancellor/president or designee.

  2. Title IX officer.

  3. EEO officer.

  4. Director of athletics.

  5. Senior woman administrator.

  6. Faculty athletics representative.

  7. Student-athlete advisory committee president.

  8. General council. 

Are there other offices on campus involved in the obtaining of data that could be used as resources for an inclusion committee?

Answer: Offices that may be resources for an inclusion committee may include:

  1. Registrar.
  2. Financial aid.
  3. Admissions.
  4. Student affairs.
  5. Inclusion offices/cultural centers.
  6. Student groups.