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NCAA Division II Institutional Performance Program: Data Management System Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to display a team’s win-loss record or competitive success within the NCAA Division II Institutional Performance Program (IPP) data management system?

Although this has not been a common question asked, the technology is set up to add such a data element provided it has a source from which to pull the data (e.g., NCAA statistics database).

Will the IPP data management system include data on enforcement violations?

Not at the present time.

Will the IPP data management system provide a conference view?

Not at the present time, but conferences will be able to access the data of each of their member institutions, provided they are granted access to the same.  In effect, the conference comparison group is a conference view of the data.  Conference-specific views are under discussion by the NCAA Division II Membership Committee for further development as IPP evolves.

If an institution belongs to a conference in a single sport, what conference will be displayed as the default comparison conference in the system?

An institution’s multisport athletics conference will be reflected as the default conference comparator in the data indicator charts within the IPP data management system.

Will an NCAA Division II or Division III institution that sponsors a Division I sport have access to the IPP data management system?

Only active Division I and Division II institutions will have access to the data management system.

How will institutions grant access to individuals not in the “top five” (e.g., institutional chief financial officer)?

The institution’s single-source sign-on (SSO) administrator will be able to grant access to the IPP application to anyone on campus with an SSO account, provided the institution’s chancellor/president has approved that individual(s) to receive access.  The committee will provide access information to the membership in advance of the launch of the IPP data management system.

Will the IPP data management system eliminate the NCAA Financial Dashboards system?

No.  The IPP financial data indicators are a high-level summary of the data included within the financial dashboards.  The financial dashboards also include functionality which permits forecasting and that is not a feature currently included within IPP.

Does the IPP data management system permit a peer comparison group consisting of multiple conferences?

In order to create a peer group comprised of multiple conferences, an end user will need to manually select the institutions comprising that group of conferences