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Division III Rules Test

The NCAA Division III Rules Test is now required annually for all head coaches and athletics administrators with compliance responsibilities on an annual basis per NCAA Bylaw 11.8.

The current Division III Rules Test is available on an annual basis from August 1 through July 31.

The Division III Rules Test is required annually for all coaches and athletics administrators with compliance responsibilities. It is intended to be a learning tool offered to the Division III membership.It is to be taken "open book" in an effort to better familiarize individuals with the legislation contained in the NCAA Division III Manual.

It is recommended that Division III institutions use the online version of the rules test in order to better ascertain compliance educational needs and issues. The online version will allow athletics staff to take the test via the Internet featuring automatic scoring results once testing is completed. The program also includes a proctor feature that will allow directors of athletics to monitor all staff members taking the test. Through this feature the director of athletics can view all institutional test scores, each staff members' completed test and institutional question statistics. By default, the test is set for a passing grade of 80 percent. A passing score is not a Division III requirement; however this feature will be used at the director of athletics discretion.

Before taking the test please review the test instructions.

Please contact if you have questions about the Division III Rules Test.