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Division III FAR Information and Resources

Division III is a leader in supporting the role of the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in governance, strategic planning, establishing academic standards, and, most importantly, advocating for student-athletes. Because faculty athletics representatives are such a vital link in any Division III institution’s strategic communications chain, FARs can help explain in a positive manner the complex relationship between intercollegiate athletics and higher education.

“I strongly believe in the role of the FAR as the hub of the athletic-academic connection for an institution. Although the AD hires all coaches and the coaches must carry out the academic focus of their players, the FAR is my central coordinator and communicator among all groups at the college – each athletics team, new faculty as a part of faculty orientation, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the college President, the President’s Cabinet, and Faculty.” - Kenneth Garren, President at Lynchburg College

The Division III FAR…

  • Helps to ensure a quality student-athlete experience and promote student-athlete well-being.
  • Serves as an independent advocate for student-athletes.
  • Assists in the oversight of intercollegiate athletics at the campus and conference levels to assure that they are conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical, psychological, and educational well-being of student-athletes.
  • Oversees the nominations of student-athletes for NCAA grant, scholarship, and recognition programs.
  • Helps promote student-athlete success in the classroom, in athletics, and in the community by striking a balance among academic excellence, athletics competition, and social growth as they prepare for lifelong success.

Division III FAR Advisory Group

In 2018, the Division III Management Council endorsed the creation of the Division III FAR Advisory Group. The group’s mission is to serve as an advisory group to Division III governance committees, NCAA staff, the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA), the Division III Faculty Athletics Representative Institute and others to help guide the development of education models and resources, engagement opportunities and potential Division III legislation related to Division III FARs. The Advisory Group reports to the Division III Management Council.

Committee Proceedings: