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Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee


Committee chair: Nnenna Akotaobi

NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee staff liaisons:

  • Sahar Abdur-Rashid, Assistant Director of Championships and Alliances, Media Services
  • Derrick Crawford, Managing Director of Enforcement Investigations & Processing
  • Sonja Robinson, Director Inclusion

MOIC Mission and Duties:  The MOIC shall review issues related to the interests of ethnic minority student-athletes, NCAA minority programs and NCAA policies that affect ethnic minorities. [Adopted 1/10/91 Division I, II, III – Duties.]

Vision:  The MOIC will champion the causes of ethnic minorities by fostering an inclusive environment, thereby creating a culture that promotes fair and equitable access to opportunities and resources. 

MOIC Composition: The MOIC shall consist of 18 members, including a current chancellor or president from each division. There shall be six members from Division I, six members from Division II and six members from Division III. One student-athlete from each division (who shall have one combined vote) shall serve as a member of the committee. The Division I student-athlete may serve on the committee up to one year after completion of his or her intercollegiate athletics eligibility. The Division II and Division III student-athletes may serve on the committee up to two years after completion of their athletics eligibility. Committee membership shall include a minimum of eight ethnic minorities, including at least four males and four females. 

Committee proceedings: