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Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee


NCAA Bylaw 21.1.8 Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee


Meeting Reports


21.1.4 Composition. The Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee shall consist of 15 members. There shall be six members from Division I, three members from Division II and three members from Division III. One student-athlete from each division (who shall have one combined voted) shall serve as a member of the committee and may serve on the committee up to one year after completion of his or her intercollegiate athletics eligibility. Committee membership shall include a minimum of eight ethnic minorities, including at least four males and four females.(Adopted: 1/10/01, Revised: 11/01/01) Duties. The committee shall review issues related to the interests of ethnic minority student-athletes, NCAA minority programs and NCAA policies that affect ethnic minorities.(Adopted:1/10/91)

Mission Statement

The NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) was formed by the Association in January 1991 to review issues related to the interests of ethnic minorities and women. These issues focus on the education and welfare of minority student-athletes, as well as the enhancement of opportunities for ethnic minorities and women in coaching, athletics administration, officiating and the NCAA governance structure.



  1. To facilitate and ensure the Association's commitment to diversity and ethnic minority enhancement by member institutions and other parties associated with intercollegiate athletics.
  2. To enhance and maintain the committee's visibility in all divisions of the membership.
  3. To review reports from the association's members, NCAA national office and divisional governance body regarding its compliance with the NCAA Constitution, specifically the principles of nondiscrimination, sportsmanship and ethical conduct and cultural diversity and gender equity.
  4. To be proactive in developing and responding to opportunities that encourage diversity and ethnic minority and gender enhancement.
  5. To encourage and solicit support for ethnic minority enhancement from the NCAA Foundation and other private and public organizations.
  6. To develop innovative ways of promoting ethnic minority student-athlete enhancement at academic and professional levels.


NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee Liaisons

Kimberly Ford, Director of Minority Inclusion

Natasha Oakes, Assistant Director of Academic and Membership Affairs

Jay Rossello, Director of Legal Affairs/Assistant General Counsel