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Gender Equity Task Force

Gender Equity Task Force Charge: To build on the successful efforts of the 1993 NCAA Gender Equity Task Force, which resulted in progress toward gender equity at institutions in all divisions throughout that decade, and to complete the initial work of the 2014 task force. Further, the task force will periodically report to the NCAA Board of Governors and work with the Divisions I, II and III boards regarding relevant and or hot-topic issues specific to gender equity. These recommendations will be forwarded to the NCAA Board of Governors and president for their consideration.

A representative group of the 2014 task force is completing this work and remains as a standing advisory group to the NCAA Board of Governors and president, the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics and the greater NCAA governance structure. The task force focuses on engaging the membership, student-athletes, the governance structure, the media and affiliate organizations in identifying gender equity strategies to improve the professional and competitive environment for women in intercollegiate athletics at all levels. The task force will provide reports annually to the NCAA Board of Governors and president, as well as the NCAA Division I Board of Directors, NCAA Divisions II and III President’s Councils and the Committee on Women’s Athletics, addressing issues in the most effective and timely means possible.

Gender Equity Task Force roster:

Name Representing Position
Charles Ambrose KnowledgeWorks President, CEO
Amy Backus Case Western Reserve University Director of athletics and chair of physical education
Joan McDermott University of San Francisco Director of Athletics
Jacqueline McWilliams Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Commissioner
Noreen Morris Northeast Conference Commissioner
Bernard Muir Stanford University Athletics director
Julie Muller 3 Fold Group Consultant
Jeffrey Orleans Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP Of counsel
Judy Sweet   Gender equity consultant


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