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Division III Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee

The Division III Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement (SAR) determines policies and procedures for the reinstatement process of an ineligible student-athlete; hears appeals of SAR staff decisions; and may grant eligibility or determine that eligibility should not be reinstated.  The committee also establishes the policies and procedures to process waivers or appeals as approved by Management Council and may also grant such requests.  The committee meets in-person twice each year in December and May and conducts teleconferences as needed.

The committee has the authority under NCAA Bylaw 14.12 to determine all matters pertaining to the policies and procedures for the reinstatement of eligibility for a student-athlete who is ineligible as a result of a violation of NCAA legislation. In addition, committee has authority over various waivers (e.g. extensions of eligibility, seasons of competition waivers, etc.).


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