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Female Administrator Enhancement Grant

National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators

This grant, in the form of a scholarship, enhances the role of the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) and/or female administrators in Division III to support professional development. A partnership between the NCAA Division III and National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) provides women working in Division III the opportunity to attend one of the NACWAA professional development opportunities (e.g. the Institute for Administrative Advancement; the Leadership Enhancement Institute or Executive Institute). These programs provide the platform for growing participants’ professional community, for teaching the skills and competencies necessary to grow individually and advance in the field, and for gaining a renewed sense of preparedness and clarity with which to take on their goals. Funding will cover tuition, lodging, meals and travel. The application process is administered by NACWAA ( including a request for consideration of a Division III scholarship.  The NCAA provides $28,000 to support these grants.