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Division I Enforcement Operating Procedures

As part of the member-driven reforms to the Association’s infractions process, the NCAA has established operating procedures to provide guidance about how the enforcement staff conducts investigations and processes alleged rule violations. 

The operating procedures, which capture administrative rules previously in the NCAA manual, emphasize the responsibility of the membership, involved individuals and the enforcement staff to cooperate during investigations to discover facts in a timely manner.

These operating procedures -- authorized by membership rules and approved by the Division I Board of Directors -- provide details about the interview process and communication during an investigation and how Level III and Level IV violations are processed. The procedures also provide guidance on summary disposition procedures and how the enforcement staff vets allegations. The Division I Committee on Infractions also reviewed and approved the procedures.

The operating procedures for Divisions II and III are contained in Article 32 of their respective manuals. A roadmap for how the Division I Committee on Infractions reviews and decides cases can be found in separate procedures.

Download the Enforcement Internal Operating Procedures