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Recruiting/Scouting Services Approval

The recruiting/scouting service approval process provides operators who agree to operate their services in accordance with applicable NCAA legislation and ECAG requirements the opportunity to receive NCAA "approval" for NCAA Division I coaches to purchase the service as a resource for the recruiting process in the sports of basketball and football.  

Recruiting/Scouting Service Portal (RSSP)

A service requests NCAA approval by creating or logging in to an existing user account and applying in the RSSP.

Dates Application is Available

The application is available year round with increasing approval fees based on the month of submission. Please visit for more information about the fee structure and to start the application process.

An email gets sent annually to alert the previous year's applicants (and any other service that requested notification) of the availability of the RSSP. This email is merely a courtesy and regardless of the email's receipt, the recruiting/scouting service is responsible to apply while the application is available. Specific dates are identified in the ECAG OPs

NEW Post Approval Submission Requirements

Beginning in 2021, any recruiting/scouting service granted NCAA approval must also submit a "post expiration review form" (PERF) that demonstrates its work product and efforts taken to operate in compliance with NCAA requirements. Service operators are on notice now and should take necessary steps to be able to provide this information for the 2021 subscription year to the NCAA prior to the 2022 application process. Failure to submit the required information may impact the service's eligibility for future approval. 

Required information includes:

  1. Identifying all Division I subscribers.
  2. Documentation that demonstrates that the service distributes Information (i.e., scouting reports, athlete profiles, analysis, etc.) to NCAA coaches about prospective student-athletes that is compliant with approval requirements such as:
  • Information in a standardized format that ensures consistent distribution to all subscribers.
  • Individual analysis beyond demographic information or rankings for each prospective student-athlete included.
  • Proof that information provided to coaches is updated a minimum of four times during the subscription year. If the service is online and data is updated regularly instead of publishing reports, the service must submit a data report with dates and times that demonstrates the same.

All PERF information must be submitted and meet NCAA requirements BEFORE that application for the next year is processed.

Definition of a Recruiting and Scouting Service

A recruiting or scouting service includes any individual, organization, entity or segment of an entity that primarily provides information about prospective student-athletes. This definition does not include any individual, organization, entity or segment of an entity that primarily provides information about prospective student-athletes incidental to its primary purpose and is generally available to the public (e.g., news media).

Definition of a Subscription

An institution subscribes to a recruiting or scouting service when a staff member registers to access information provided by the service only to paid subscribers or registers to access information available only to a select group of individuals (e.g., coaches), regardless of whether a charge is associated with accessing the information. However, an institution is not considered to have subscribed to a recruiting or scouting service if a staff member registers to access information about prospective student-athletes from a service that provides the same information to the general public at no cost.

Definition of Individual Analysis

Information disseminated by a recruiting or scouting service must include individual analysis beyond demographics (e.g., height, weight, class, position), ranking (e.g., Division I prospective student-athlete) and general comments (e.g., excellent shooter) in order for an institution to make an athletics or academic analysis of the prospective student-athlete.  Each prospect named in the service is required to be evaluated.