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Division II Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee

Jessica Harbison Weaver, Committee Chair

Purpose: This committee reviews and discusses issues regarding student-athlete reinstatement and takes legislative action or directs staff to make recommendations to the Management Council accordingly.

The committee has the authority under Bylaw 14.12 to determine all matters pertaining to the policies and procedures for the reinstatement of eligibility of a Division II student-athlete who is ineligible for intercollegiate competition as a result of an NCAA rules violation, and for waivers of legislation that the Division II Management Council or membership has authorized the committee to grant.

The committee provides oversight and guidance to the reinstatement staff regarding the reinstatement process. Staff makes all initial decisions, while the committee serves as the appellate body for staff decisions. In addition, the committee sets policy and guidelines for the reinstatement process and reviews all flexible decisions made by the staff.

The committee meets twice annually, including a three-day meeting in May or June and another in early December. The committee also conducts regular teleconferences.

Composition: Six members, including one member of the Division II Management Council and one member of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Members shall be elected for one three-year term but may be immediately re-elected to a second three-year term.

Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee Roster

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