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DISC Behavioral Assessments

DISC assessments are an important resource that some schools and conference offices use to help their student-athletes, coaches and administrators learn more about their behavioral styles and how their individual styles come together in a team environment.

DISC Profile Assessment

The DISC assessment is available to coaches, administrators and student-athletes. It aids participants, regardless of their role or title, with understanding their individual behavioral styles and preferences in relation to those with whom they interact most often. This assessment provides an overview of individual behavioral styles and preferences, a common language when addressing these topics and methods to better relate to others. It also provides additional strategies to build more effective relationships within the workplace and athletic setting.

In addition to DISC, participants will have the option to receive the Core (Values) Assessment. Core provides an in-depth look at what we care about most. From a list of 28 possible core values, participants will understand the driving factors that motivate their actions and cause distress when they are voided.

How to Order DISC Assessments

For all Divisions: NCAA leadership development has arranged for the DISC assessments to be offered at no cost for Division I, II and III members.

If you are interested in a DISC workshop, please email In the email, please include the date of the desired workshop, the target audience (student-athletes, coaches or administrators), the number of participants and if your group will be together during the workshop or will participate remotely.

Please note that institutions can request up to 70 student-athlete assessments and up to 30 coach or administrator assessments per academic year. Note: Only 50 participants are able to participate per virtual DISC workshop. If you need more assessments than the allotted amount, you will be able to purchase the assessments on the provider’s website. Please let us know if you need to purchase additional assessments.

For all Divisions: NCAA leadership development will continue to provide schools and conference offices with facilitation leaders who will conduct workshops to assist with understanding and interpreting your participants’ DISC results.

For the 2020-21 academic year, all facilitation leaders will conduct workshops virtually via the Zoom platform. Institutions and conference offices will be provided the Zoom link by an NCAA staff member.

With the virtual DISC facilitation, all participating institutions MUST utilize a trained facilitator from the NCAA when conducting a DISC workshop.

Should you have additional questions for the NCAA national office, please contact

NOTE: We are currently in a moratorium until January 4, 2021. If you would like a DISC workshop beginning February 1, 2021 or beyond, please submit your request to after January 4, 2021. If you have any questions regarding the moratorium, please contact