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Division II Committee for Legislative Relief Blanket Waiver

The NCAA Division II Committee for Legislative Relief (CLR, formerly ARS) may issue a blanket waiver in order to temporarily provide relief from NCAA legislation for specific extenuating circumstances that have a reasonably demonstrated widespread impact.  Please note that the following summary of waivers is for a specific division (Division II), a specific time period and for a specific set of circumstances.  If the waiver circumstances and the time period of the waiver apply, submission of a separate waiver application is not necessary.  If an institution, conference or committee's circumstances do not meet the requirements of, or are dissimilar to, the blanket waiver, a Legislative Relief waiver application will need to be filed with the NCAA staff.

Football Preseason Practice Blanket Waiver Approved February 22, 2017.

NCAA Division II football teams are permitted to begin preseason practice for the 2017 football season on August 7, 2017, or seven days before the institution’s first day of classes, whichever is earlier.

In granting this request, the NCAA Division II Committee for Legislative Relief noted:

  • The Interassociation Consensus on Year-Round Football Practice Contact for College Student-Athlete include a recommendation to discontinue two-a-day practices;

  • Allowing institutions to start three days earlier will allow institutions to adhere to this guideline without losing practice time and allowing coaches to ensure their student-athletes are properly prepared for the season;

  • The Division II Football Committee supports the waiver request; and

  • The Division II governance structure will assess necessary legislative changes for the 2018 season.

The chart provides guidance on the application of the blanket waiver.

See Case No. 967145 in Requests/Self-Reports Online via the search tab. Additional information regarding blanket waivers can be found on the Committee for Legislative Relief homepage.

NCAA Division II Bylaw (first practice date -- championship segment)