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How to Prepare Reinstatement Requests

Once the institution has determined that a violation has occurred, it should determine whether the violation affects the eligibility of a prospective or enrolled student-athlete.  If the violation affects eligibility, the institution shall declare the prospective student-athlete or student-athlete ineligible and decide whether to request reinstatement of the prospective student-athlete or student-athlete’s eligibility.  If the institution decides to seek reinstatement, all interpretive issues and disputes of fact must be resolved prior to submitting a reinstatement request through Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO).  All information pursuant to the reinstatement request must be uploaded to RSRO.

Information that is marked as “to be faxed” in RSRO will render the request incomplete until all faxes have been received and uploaded.  Faxes must be sent individually to 317/917-6736 and may result in a delay in case processing.

Once all necessary and relevant information is received, the student-athlete reinstatement staff will render a decision.  An institution may appeal the decision to the NCAA Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement.  The appeal must be requested through RSRO in the withdraw/reconsideration/appeal tab within 30 calendar days from the time the student-athlete reinstatement staff sends the decision through RSRO.  After 30 calendar days, the case is automatically closed.