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Division II Coaches Connection Program

Division II created the Coaches Connection Program to provide coaches a forum for sharing information and, more importantly, sharing their voice in the governance of Division II athletics. The Coaches Connection Program enhances coaches’ engagement and fortifies their role as advocates for the value of Division II athletics, and it more actively engages coaches associations in the process.

Each Division II sport has a “Connector” (usually a retired or former coach) who oversees a “Coaches Circle” that includes a representative from every conference sponsoring that sport. The Connector conducts monthly teleconferences with the Coaches Circle to update current issues impacting that sport and legislative proposals or policy recommendations being considered within the Division II governance structure.

The program has successfully engaged coaches in all sports and increased the opportunity for them to make recommendations and voice concerns. Learn more about the program by downloading the promotional flyer. Click here for a list of connectors and contact information.