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Your time to shine

A resource guide to staging conference tournaments with community engagement in mind

NCAA Division II collaborated with the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference to provide a resource guide for institutions and conferences to use for their community engagement efforts. While the guide is specifically geared toward community engagement at conference tournaments, the tips and resources apply to institutional events on campus as well.

Remarks from Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Commissioner Erin Lind

As a representative of Division II, our conference tournaments provide an opportunity to promote what we as a conference have to offer and what we as a conference believe and value. We are able to showcase what Division II is all about by taking an already popular event and expanding its audience.

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Section 1: Developing your vision

As an institution or conference, what does community engagement mean to you? Develop your vision, and align it with your conference values.

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Section 2: The building blocks of building relationships

Determine the right connections, and begin building those relationships. There’s nothing like in-person contact to get things off on the right foot.

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Section 3: Maintaining the communication loop

You’ve started the communication engine, but it’s vital to press the accelerator – even if the event is still several months away.

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Section 4: Pre-event prep

Need some ideas for the run of show? We have the participant manual, timing sheets, blueprints for conducting clinics, and everything else that is material to the event itself.

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Section 5: Game time

Now it’s finally time to show off the lively, civil and entertaining game environment that Division II is all about.

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Section 6: Postgame

Think you’re done? What about next year? It’s never too early to debrief about what’s in the rearview mirror and start peering out your windshield to what’s next.

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