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Probability of Competing Beyond High School

Many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing sports in college and beyond. But of the nearly 8 million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, only 495,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools. And of that group, only a fraction will realize their goal of becoming a professional or Olympic athlete.
For the rest, the experiences of college athletics and the life lessons they learn along the way will help them as they pursue careers in other fields. Education is a vital part of the college athletics experience, and student-athletes graduate at higher rates than their peers in the student body.
These charts show the estimated probability of competing in athletics beyond high school – both in college and professionally:



Out of 8,002 draft eligible NCAA baseball players, 791 were drafted by MLB.

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Out of 16,380 draft eligible NCAA football players, 254 were drafted in to the NFL.

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Men's Basketball

Out of 4,181 draft eligible NCAA men's basketball players, 52 were drafted into the NBA.

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Men's Ice Hockey

Out of 961 draft eligible NCAA men's ice hockey players, 71 were drafted into the NHL.

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Women's Basketball

Out of 3,669 draft eleigible NCAA women's basketball players, 31 were drafted into the WNBA.

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