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Diversity Research

NCAA Race and Gender Demographics Database

The NCAA compiles and provides statistical information regarding certain demographic characteristics of various groups within our member institutions and conferences. Data submitted annually by NCAA member schools were previously compiled as the Student-Athlete Race and Ethnicity Report and the Race and Gender Demographics Reports (one for institutions and one for conferences) that were either printed or presented as PDFs online. Since the 2011-12 year, the data have been provided in a searchable database online. This database provides users the ability to search for specific demographics data regarding the NCAA membership. Click here to download the data: NCAA Demographics Database Spreadsheet.

The demographics database and reports include information on student-athletes, coaches and administrators. The information provides a general view of recent and historical trends of the following racial and ethnic groups by gender, sport, division and title:

  • American Indian/Alaska Native.
  • Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.
  • Black.
  • Hispanic/Latino.
  • White.
  • Two or more races.
  • Nonresident alien.
  • Unknown.

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