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NCAA Data Summit

The NCAA Data Summit is an annual event designed for athletics administrators at all levels. The goals of the summit are to increase awareness of how data is being used in intercollegiate athletics and higher education, provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss data-driven decision-making with their peers and foster an ecosystem of data users in the intercollegiate athletics administration community.

The 2021 NCAA Data Summit will be held virtually, with sessions held in a series throughout the year. Continue reading for more details on the schedule of sessions and topics. To participate in a virtual session, click on the links below.

2021 NCAA Data Summit Series

Date Title Presenter(s)
April 22 at 3:30 p.m Creating Efficiencies Through Data and Other Research Projects to Help Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19.

Dr. Dave Schrader, Teradata Network and Dr. Nicki Moore, Colgate University

April 29 Using IPP and Other Data Sources to Evaluate Sport Programs in the COVID-19 Era. Tricia Brandenburg, Towson University
May TBD Collection and Sharing of Data on High Impact Practices.
Robert Gonyea, Indiana University and NSSE
Lydia Bell, NCAA
May TBD The Inequality of Coaching College Basketball. Stephen Austin, Carousel Analytics
June or July Virtual Data Summit.  
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Data Discussions Series

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